What Is 'Exposure-Bias'

Exposure-Bias started out as a site where I could share my photos and thoughts.  It then turned into an assignment for a photography class I was enrolled in at the local community college.  The assignment was to start a blog with around 25 images that were to be used as a kind of makeshift portfolio.  So where are we at now?

Exposure-Bias is a blog dedicated to the pursuit of professional photography.  I want to document my journey into professional photography and along the way hopefully help others on their own journey.  Every day I learn about photography, I don't think there is a single professional in the world who knows everything.  Photography is a constant evolution and therefore you must have a constant drive to learn and become better.  Because of this, I hope everyone, pro or novice can gain something from this blog.

Below is the original "definition" of Exposure-Bias.  Although my Exposure-Bias statement has changed, it is still worth displaying I feel.

-the photographs I have taken that I want to share, plain
and simple. Portraits, landscapes, journalistic, events, activity's and anything else I can come up with.

Exposure (ex-po-sure); noun:
a. the act of presenting a photosensitive surface to rays of
b. the total amount of light received by a photosensitive
surface or an area of such a surface, expressed as the
product of the degree of illumination and the period of
c. the image resulting from the effects of light rays on a
photosensitive surface.

Bias (bi-as); verb:
-to cause partiality or favoritism in (a person); influence.