Fall Is Here

The leaves are turning and so they begin to 'fall'.  Keep checking back for many more Fall photos to come. 

Coffee Anyone?


Star Trail Photography

This is a 100 photos stacked on top of one another, each photo was a 30 second exposure.  Yes it is was a pain in the A@#, that has been my personal theme lately for photography.  Pain in the A@# or not, I still love it.  This photo was really rewarding due to the amount of planning and time I put into it.  Hope you enjoy.


How Well Do You See Color

Thought I would share this link so you may judge for yourself how well you see color. This has been posted quite a few places on the internet but if you have not tried it yet then it is definitely something you should check out. The best part about the test; it helps to show you how well (or should I say how badly) your monitor is calibrated. If you have a pre-installed color calibration program on your computer then you MIGHT be able to get better results using this test.

Just go check it out. By the way, my score was 8.



Just Photos

If you just want to view more photos, then check out my flickr page.  I upload almost daily.

flickr photostream


Check This Out, It Made Me Laugh

So I was searching for a song and I couldn't quite remember it, so, I went to YouTube. I searched what I thought it was and this video came up in the results. Well after I clicked on the song/video I was looking for I went back and checked this out. It was some funny shit, and not to mention unbelievably creative. It is so random and it made my day, go check it out. www.youtube.com/user/jaaaaaaa#play/uploads/38/4h8cGEKzSwI