Photo Editing

The first step that every photographer makes is determining which photos to keep and which ones to get rid of.  HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHICH PHOTOS YOU WILL KEEP?  There is a reason you are deleting some photos while keeping and working with others.

Okay, here comes the answer, "those photos are good and the others were not so good".  Maybe this universal answer is formulated because people are just too cool to express their actual feelings, or, maybe it is because we as photographers have fallen into an area where we are losing sight of what constitutes strong imagery.  Before every single photographer that reads this throws a shit-fit, answer me this.  If photographers are not losing sight of 'composition' then why do the majority of comments on photo sharing sites say something like "nice shot" or "pretty picture"?
I hate to break this to everyone but every photo on the web is not a "great shot".  My photos included.  So once again, why do make the comment?  Is it because individuals don't want to sound rude?  Maybe it's because we are scared that the photographer who captured the image we don't like will turn out to be that 1 in a 1,000,000 psychotic who is going to hunt you down because you criticized their image.  Or maybe it is because no one has a clue what really makes up a good photograph.

I don't believe the last statement.  I have a feeling deep down in my heart and soul that we can see the merits and flaws in photos.  I have a dream (no just kidding but seriously) that we as photographers can help one another.  No more "great shot" crap.  Criticism, when constructive, can be one of the most powerful tools to assist one while learning.  Don't attack the photographer with statements like "your photos suck".  Help and assist them by commenting about the flaws or strong points withing the image.  HELP & ASSIST!

So, since humans are self serving types, you might be hearing the whisper of that little devil on your shoulder asking you how helping others is going to help you become a better photographer.  Aside from another individual commenting on your photos, you will help yourself by looking through lots of images.  You probably already do this, but from this point forward, don't just skip by the images that don't appeal to your photographic senses.  No, ask yourself what it is that you don't like about the images.  Is it lighting, color, subject matter or anything else that deals with composition.  Seeing how and why things are wrong usually leads us humans to  discover what would make things better.   You learn from others mistakes.

Don't fear, you and I both will all make our own mistakes along the way but hopefully we can help one another and we might just learn from each other.  Okay, I am done.  I feel a little touchy feelie but what the hell.

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