Get Out & Shoot

If you are an aspiring photographer, pro photographer or a person who simply enjoys photos then my advice to you is "Get Out & Shoot".  Every day I pick up my camera, every day I take at least one photograph (usually 50-150).  Taking pictures is how you learn to become a better photographer.  The photos I take daily are only personal pictures, if I am working that day then I could take hundreds more.  BOTTOM LINE, if you are not out shooting daily someone else is and you will be losing ground to someone else.

With that fine 'how do you do', here are some photos I shot earlier this morning in Spokane, WA.  My friend and I made a plan to head over this morning and just take pictures.  Each of us shot somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 photos.  I was able to get a couple I was happy with but there is always room for improvement (lots of improvement) in my case.  Maybe you might like a few, or, if you think they suck then let me know that too.

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