Self Portrait........

If you know me then you should know that I hate getting my picture taken.  I have tried to finagle my way out of photos since I could walk.  Funny story actually, there is a family photo of all the men and boys from my dads side of the family, at 2 I have got that pissed look in my eyes while every one around is all smiles.  Trust me, I will post it some time so you can see how much I really hated it.

So what the hell made me get in front of the camera and do a self portrait.  First off, I am working in a new space and it is wonderful to have some extra room.  Second, I love playing with flash.  Third, I was just in one of those goofy moods.  So here's my portrait, I can promise that you won't see too many photos of me ever. 

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